Nurse's Office

Chronic Conditions

If you have indicated that your child has a chronic illness, such as Asthma, Diabetes, Seizure Disorders or Food and Insect Allergies, your child may require nursing services or health care during the school day. In order for school personnel to safely care for your student, the following forms will be required to have on file.

Emergency Action Plans are condition specific and nationally endorsed care plans to be filled out and signed by your child's physician and signed by you. They tailor emergency medical treatment to each student's condition.

Medication Order Forms are required for each individual medication to be administered in the school setting. This order form is to be signed by a licensed medical provider and by parents/guardians to authorize the School Nurse or Designee to administer the medication. All medications must be provided by the student's family and brought to the nurse's office in its original container with proper labeling from the pharmacy.

Forms for chronic conditions are mailed home each new school year. They are also made available below.