The Counseling Team at Ellis School is unmatched! Whether they are supporting a nervous new student, lending a listening ear to a middle schooler, collaborating with a parent, or advising a teacher they always enhance our entire community with their positivity, encouragement and kindness. As we celebrate National School Counseling Week, please join me in expressing your gratitude to Mrs. Simard, Mrs. Almon and Mrs. Dunn.
about 22 hours ago, Brigid Connelly
counseling team
Recently, 7th grade students have been participating in a Makers Club 2 days a week. Students researched topics they were curious about which led to the opportunity to try something new. For example, one student researched the process for quick pickling while another learned how to mummify different foods.
2 days ago, Brigid Connelly
mummified food
Here are this week's Words of the Week: Quotient: The number we obtain when we divide one number by another. Central Idea: what the text is mainly about. Please take a moment to read this week's News from the Nest
3 days ago, Brigid Connelly
Congratulations to January's Learners of the Month! These learners were chosen because they demonstrate DETERMINATION. 8th Grade: Madison 7th Grade: Marissa 6th Grade: Brade 5th Grade: Charlotte 4th Grade: Olivia 3rd Grade: Rylee 2nd Grade: Kaelyn 1st Grade: Layla Kindergarten: Aidan UA Elementary: Eleanor UA Middle: Klayton
5 days ago, Brigid Connelly
January LoM
You know it’s cold when our middle schoolers are wearing coats! Thanks to everyone - our bus drivers, parents, educators and especially Mr Normandin and his team-for working together to get our learners into our warm school so quickly this morning!
5 days ago, Brigid Connelly
Tomorrow's arrival time temperature is estimated to be around -5 to -10 with the wind chill and it will get colder as the day goes on. We will keep the students inside during the school day but please be sure to bundle them up for arrival and dismissal times!
6 days ago, SAU 83
wind chill
Congratulations to our very own Principal Connelly! Ms. Connelly was recently recognized at the Fremont Select Board meeting by the Fremont Police Department. This recognition was in honor of all that she has done to foster a strong and cooperative relationship between Ellis School and the Fremont Police Department. Her dedication and her continued pursuit to safeguard the students and staff of Ellis School is commendable. Thank you Principal Connelly!
7 days ago, SAU 83
Tomorrow, February 1st, Kindergarten registration will open for the 2023-24 school year! If you have a child that you would like to register for kindergarten, please call or e-mail Mrs. Nichols at or 603-895-2511 ext. 102. to share the following information: +Child’s full name +Gender +Date of birth +Parent’s Names +Address +Phone Numbers +Parent’s e-mail address +Any known medical conditions Please note: Children must be 5 years old on or before September 30, 2023 in order to be eligible for the 2023-24 school year.
8 days ago, Brigid Connelly
kindergarten registration
Reminder! Tomorrow is Twin Day at Ellis School! (For real this time!)
9 days ago, Brigid Connelly
Our Ellis eagles just completed a fire drill and are back to learning. Well done everyone!
9 days ago, Brigid Connelly
Reminder! Tomorrow is Twin Day at Ellis School! (Rescheduled due to last week's snow storm.)
10 days ago, Brigid Connelly
Here are this week's Words of the Week: Intersect: to meet and cross at a point. Credible: capable of being believed; believable Please take a moment to read this week's News from the Nest
10 days ago, Brigid Connelly
Tomorrow is Color Day! Kindergarten/ Preschool: Blue First Grade: Red Second Grade: Green Third Grade: Orange Fourth Grade: Stripes Fifth Grade: Purple Sixth Grade: Yellow Seventh Grade: White Eighth Grade: Pink
13 days ago, Brigid Connelly
Wow! Look at what the CARE Squad just spotted!
13 days ago, Brigid Connelly
Tomorrow's spirit day is Dress Like a Teacher! We can't wait to see your best looks!
14 days ago, Brigid Connelly
Good morning! All after school activities are CANCELLED for today, Wednesday, January 25th, due to the predicted snowfall. Please log into Pickup Patrol to update your child's dismissal plan.
14 days ago, Brigid Connelly
These snow storms won't keep us from showing our Eagle Spirit! Tomorrow is Western Wednesday! (Next Monday we will makeup pajama day and Tuesday we will makeup twin day.)
15 days ago, Brigid Connelly
Due to remaining inclement conditions there will be no school today - Tuesday, January 24th for Ellis School. There will be no bus transportation for Fremont middle/high students attending Sanborn Regional High School. This will be an excused absence.
15 days ago, SAU 83
snow day
This is Ellen Halliday, Supt. of Fremont. Due to the many tree limbs that are currently down on our roads in Fremont. We will have a 2 hr delay tomorrow - Tuesday, Jan. 24. There will be no AM Pre - k. This will be for Ellis students and our middle/high students attending Sanborn. Sanborn is planning to start on time. Our students will be excused. If conditions remain unsafe, another alert will go out by 8:30 am. Thank you
16 days ago, SAU 83
2 hr delay
Reminder! Tomorrow is Twin Day at Ellis School! And don't forget to send children in with their snow gear!
16 days ago, Brigid Connelly